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Patch for Relieving Menstrual Cramps

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Patch for Relieving Menstrual Cramps "Purifee" 




Unspeakable pain that comes around every month...

Now, Purifee is relieving your pain!





  Although Purifee patch for relieving menstrual cramps does not need to be taken orally, its effective patent- pending oriental medicinal ingredients from Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine infiltrates deeply into your body and improves your health of uterus and reduces menstrual cramps.

  Thus, even in normal times, attaching Purifee patch works wonders for the recovery of uterus health.

  Especially, attaching Purifee patch 2~3 days before menstrual cramps produces even more excellent effects.

  It steadily attached for around 1 year, not a one-time menstrual cramps reliever, Purifee will drastically relieve menstrual cramps because your uterus becomes healthy.  Without skin irritation or side effects, Purifee is a phenomenal product.




  Purifee includes patent-pending extract(curcuma, pine leaf, cinnamon) which is effective for menstrual cramps and safe for skin problems like burns and inflammation developed by Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine under the umbrella of Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning of Korea.

  In addition, Purifee provides quick effect by applying latest bio-manufacturing method which enables effective ingredients to be absorbed deep inside the body.




  Although non-steroiid painkillers should be used for inflammatory pains like neuralgia and lumbago (back pain), gastroenteric side effects are a serious problem.  Besides, steroiid hormone, when taken for a long period of time, causes the side effect of serious swelling of the body and thus, should not be used.




   In the perspective of Korean medicine, uterus, bladder and kidney of women is a family activated by the influence of kidney and the place where the kidney rests is the non other than waist.  As the master can be comfortable when the house is sturdy, kidney can be comfortable when the waist is strong. Hence, the relief patches are attached on both sides of back around waist.



  Moreover, solar plexus is where the stomach lives and stomach is the central organ of human physiology.  When there is pain in the stomach, digestion of stomach cannot work properly and when there is a problem in the stomach, all the organs in the body cannot work properly.  Stomach and kidney are like upward and downward pairs and circulate qi like the Great Yin and Yang called Taekeuk. To help this working of the stomach, patches are attached on solar plexus. (Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine)


* The Exact Attachment Part

- Front : Attach the patch in the middle of the line from navel to the end of the solar plexus, and on the spot 2.5cm above from the ‘joongwanhyul’. ( is called 'joongwanhyul' and is called ‘sangwanhyul’)

- Back : Attach the patch on the both sides which are 4cm away at antipode with the navel. In other words, two points which are 4cm away from the lumbar vertebra 2. These spots are called 'shinsuhyul.'

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Patch for Relieving Menstrual Cramps