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100% Natural

Skincare System for Sensitive Skin 



Purifee Ato-Care System for Sensitive Skin


Purifee Ato∙care system is free from Surfactant  and safe to use for a baby with delicate skin as well as a patent suffering from hypersensitive skin



An article from the Times, the UK Daily Newspaper 

- Harmful chemicals bringing your attention


It was publicly reported in the recent article published in the Times, the UK daily newspaper, that various cosmetics and cleaning supplies advertised effective in revitalizing the skin were proved to be, in fact, "a lump of toxic chemical substances" with a warning that they may cause a variety of serious diseases as well as allergies and that toxic chemicals potentially threatening human health were also found in most of moisturizers, air fresheners and shampoos on the market. 

These toxic chemicals are opt to be absorbed easily and quickly into the body through the skin and accumulated in the fat and organs of the body affecting the human body adversely causing the degeneration and aging of the human cell membranes first and what we have to pay attention in this regard is the fact that these toxic chemicals are absorbed by children faster and much more than adults and cause very serious consequences.

But this is the tip of an iceberg and is not a problem brought up newly but just a thing we can easily ignore or overlook. We have to remember that such dangers lurk around us in our daily life to be appeared anytime.

Purifee Natural Ato-care system is...

- The best herbal soap free from any surfactant or chemical substance.

- A reliable product applied with patented technology provided by the Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine.

- A product excellent in moisturizing properties to keep your skin from drying and healthy.

- Much safe to use as it is made from domestically obtained herbal raw materials.

- Suitable to use particularly in the baby's skin dedicate and susceptible to chemicals.

How to use

1. Wash your hands with lukewarm water first.

2. After creating sufficient lather with your hands, gently rub the face with lather.

3. Massage intensively the areas such as the spots you want to specially care and T-zone in the face with lather several times.

4. Rinse off the lather with lukewarm water. You can get better results if you repeat above steps one more time so that active ingredients is fully absorbed into the skin.

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